Safety Plan

Ensure you have a Safety Plan!

A safety plan helps plan for moments of crisis / need, and allows you to reduce the risks that you and your children face in these situations. 
A safety plan must be customized for you and / or your family’s individual needs. Make it your own, taking into account things like transportation, places to stay, family or supports in the area. Review it often and ensure it is up to date. 
Should you require help making a safety plan, contact the RCMP or one of our shelters.
Safety plans are important tools that can help you and your family! 

  • For people unsure of leaving, but need a plan just in case the abuser gets violent.
  • For any potential vulnerable situations.
  • When you want to leave, but are afraid.
  • When you are planning to leave, but are still planning how and when.
  • When you have left and the threat of violence is still there.

Be sure to delete computer / browser history! 
Knowing this can be a stressful and dangerous time for you and your children, we encourage you to call 911 if needed.

“Break the Cycle,
Create a Circle”

We're HereWhen You Need Us

“Break the Cycle, Create a Circle”

We're HereWhen You Need Us