Types of Abuse:

We acknowledge all types of abuse, and are here to support those experiencing it. Manitoba First Nation Shelters are here to help women, children, and families experiencing any of the following: 

  1. Emotional Abuse – name calling and humiliation, threats and ‘mind games,’ withholding love to control or change behavior, ‘the silent treatment,’ extreme jealousy and accusations.
  2. Physical Abuse – hitting, shoving, punching, pulling hair, the threat of physical abuse, destroying belongings, hurting pets.
  3. Sexual Abuse – unwanted or forced sexual touching or intercourse.
  4. Spiritual Abuse – preventing and / or punishing one for practicing their faith, forcing one to conform to another belief system
  5. Financial Abuse – preventing one from bettering oneself economically through school or work, (ex. ruining textbooks or making one miss classes or work) total control of income, spending the family’s income irresponsibly, leaving little or no money for bills, clothing, food, and childrens' needs.
  6. Psychological Abuse – threats of violence against a person, their children, friends, and / or relatives; destruction of possessions; suicide threats by abuser.

“Break the Cycle,
Create a Circle”

We're HereWhen You Need Us

“Break the Cycle, Create a Circle”

We're HereWhen You Need Us